The Care & Costs of Your Adopted Horse



You probably wouldn’t be looking at this site if you didn’t have an interest in horses and that’s great; it’s what Meadow Haven is all about…Horses and their Health, Happiness, Welfare and Quality of Life. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a horse and a rescue horse would be an opportunity to give a deserving animal a good home and that’s also great.



We hope the following information will help you in making your decision and that you understand all that is involved with giving your horse the care he deserves.



To the best of your abilities and resources, a responsible horse owner:

  • Checks and tends to their animal daily.

  • Observes their condition daily and takes immediate steps if a problem is noted.

  • Supplies fresh water and monitors intake.

  • Supplies appropriately nutritional feed on a regular, scheduled basis.

  • Has salt/mineral licks available, especially in summer heat.

  • Has regularly scheduled farrier visits.

  • Has annual medical check-up done by a qualified equine vet to include Coggins testing, recommended vaccinations and teeth exam.

  • Maintains a regular worming schedule.

  • Protects horses as needed from insects (flies, mosquitoes, ticks, etc.)

  • Supplies supplements as health needs dictate.

  • Maintains a safe environment.

  • Provides adequate shelter to protect from wind, rain and sun.


Here is a very simple guideline budget for basic horse care. All these are estimates and pricing can change with the weather (hay), the economy and the area where you live. It is based on one horse and does not include halters or any tack, shoes, medical emergencies, etc. – it is the bare essentials only.

  • Farrier: trims every 6 weeks @ $30/trim – $300/year

  • Wormer: Daily wormer used as it is very effective and vet recommended (50-lb tub, the most economical purchase) – $150/year or Paste wormer is recommended every three months with or without daily wormer – $60/year

  • Feed: Choice of dry or sweet, 1 lb to every 100 lbs (will vary based on horse’s health use/activity) – $525/year

  • Hay: Two 50# bales/wk at $8/bale (will vary based on available pasture) – $850/year

  • Vet: Annual shots, Coggins, overall check-up – $200/year

  • Health/Medical/Misc: Fly sprays, hoof pick, curry brush and comb, salt lick, etc. – $250/year


TOTAL: $2,335/year or approximately $200/month


Could be less or could be more, depends on the individual horse. They all have different needs.

We are pleased to include some sites to visit and do some of your own research. There are many others out there, these are just some to get you started.