Date of Birth:  01/01/2007
Breed: Mustang cross
Gender: Gelding
Color:  Bay Roan
Status: Available

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West was found as an estray. We don't know much about him, but do feel he had been abused due to some of his behaviors. West was adopted and returned to the rescue. We never felt that West was the right horse for this individual given his nature, but this individual brought their trainer along and the trainer felt it would be a good match. The person that adopted West said that once he would mount West it was as if West knew exactly what to do, but little things would set him off.

An example of this occurred one time when the individual was riding West and his wife's horse got too close from behind.  West got spooked and took off. The individual said he could not control West and all he could think to do was to jump off West which is exactly what he did.


This is one example of why West needs an experienced rider.


Our Evaluation

He stands 15 hands.  He rides but is very untrusting and will be for experienced riders only.  Adoption is $900 with a no sale contract.







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