Meadow Haven News

Announcement: Intake is closed

August 09, 2019

With adoptions and donations down and our facility being filled to capacity, we find we have no alternative but to close our intake until further notice.

Our gate has been open for unwanted horses for ten years and never have we had to close our gate until now. We have never turned our back on any horse in need. Words can not describe how this saddens all of us at the rescue. We have saved so many horses in the past.


As heartbreaking as this decision is for us, we realize we simply do not have the funds or the space to care for any additional animals at this time. With over 150 horses and donkeys currently in our care, we need your support and donations more than ever. As we continue to love and care for our permanent sanctuary residents, our hopes and prayers are that with your help, we can work to find loving forever homes for every horse or donkey at Meadow Haven that is in need of one. Please consider a donation.

Donkeys go to San Angelo

July 08, 2019

When rescues work together great things can be accomplished and more lives can be saved.  We are grateful that Peaceful Valley Rescue in San Angelo opened their doors to 13 of our donkeys.  We deeply appreciate their help.  This was an 8 hour round trip for the humans and well worth every second.  Thanks again to Peaceful Valley.

Yorktown Girl Scout Troop 9404 visits

June 08, 2019

Thanks to the young ladies from Yorktown Girl Troop 9404 who came out to volunteer at the rescue.  We really appreciate their help and the generous donation they made.  It was a great day for all.  You sweet young ladies are always welcome.

San Antonio Troop 962 Volunteers

March 16, 2019

The girls from San Antonio Girl Scout Troop came out to the rescue to help feed horses and learn more about them.  They were a great help and we appreciate their taking the time to come visit.  We appreciate their generous donation.  It's always a pleasure when girl scout troops visit the rescue.  You are  welcome to come visit at any time.

Schwartz 48

July 08, 2017

On July 8, 2017, we took in an additional 48 animals resulting from a law enforcement seizure from Schwartz Farms in Converse, TX. Most all of these animals - 46 Horses, 1 donkey and 1 bull - were in deplorable condition resulting from being starved and neglected. Additionally, they have not had medical care, farrier work or proper nutrition. This large intake of animals has created a financial burden on the rescue and we are asking for your help as we get these wayward souls on their first steps to a better life. The pictures say everything.

2 Run Aways

February 22, 2013

Two horses were found running loose in the Von Ormy area. These two have been loose for a few days. Thanks to Lane for some amazing skills, they are now safe at Meadow Haven. 

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