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We're Dedicated to Life After Rescue





Meadow Haven Horse Rescue’s mission is to provide shelter, rehabilitation and a permanent, loving home to unwanted, abused, old or injured horses and donkeys and we are dedicated to this cause. Some horses may be used in our horsemanship program; some become retired companions, trail horses or are retrained for new careers. Horses are never sent to auction or slaughter.


If you’re considering donating a horse or donkey, we ask that you please click the link below and read up on our donation policy. Donating your horse is one of the few ways to grant the peace of mind in knowing you’ve done the best you can for your unwanted/surrendered horse or donkey.


We always need donations! Your donation dollars go directly to our basic expenses of feed, vet, and farrier costs. If you prefer, direct gifts of feed, hay, halters, blankets, tack, etc., are also welcome.


We rely solely on donations to run this sanctuary and are not government-funded in any way. We have no administration or board member fees or costs as volunteers supply this help. All donations go directly to the horses!



Cinnamon is an intelligent and gorgeous girl. This mare is on the better side of green broke, and will need someone that can further her training, but she's a very quick study and absolutely capable of great things! She has the color and the personality, what a winning combination!



Russell is a very pretty Thoroughbred mare that is ready to go in whatever direction you want to take her. She's going to need an intermediate-experienced rider because she is very motivated and reacts when you ask something of her. She's very smart and picks things up quickly.

Highlighted Horses

Too often, people have the misconception that a rescue horse is broken or damaged in some way. The only difference between a rescue horse and any other horse is a set of circumstances. 



Adopting a Horse

If you are interested in having one of our horses become a cherished member of your family, please fill out an application. Please be thorough. This will help us to properly match your needs with our horses available for adoption.

Adoption Process

Step 1


To begin the adoption process, the first step is to submit your adoption application for review. This is done prior to your first visit to avoid complications once you've selected a horse.

Step 2


After the initial part of the application has been reviewed, the next step is the home visit and inspection. Prior to adopting a horse, we will conduct a home or stable visit for the purpose of building a successful lifetime partnership! 

Step 3


Once approved, take a look at the available horses and plan a trip to come and visit the horse(s) you're interested in meeting. The first visit is about beginning to bond and seeing if you 'click'.

Step 4


Once you've made your decision and paperwork is final, you get to take home your new family member! Because our goal is a forever home, title does not transfer. MHHR’s guarantee is that in the event you can no longer care for your horse, the horse can be safely returned.


Recent Evaluations

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