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Adoption Policy & Process


MHHR's adoption process is designed to assure the best possible match possible between horses (or donkeys) and adopters. Horsemanship skills, level of training, inherent personality and horsenality, and the ability to care and continue the development of the adopted horse are all considered.



Step #1:  Apply!


In order to adopt a horse, the first step is to apply. Experienced horse owners may submit an application for consideration. Our adoption application asks questions based on understanding your previous experience. Veterinarian and personal references are required. 

​Some things to keep in mind:


All adopted animals are not to be sold.


All adopted animals are not to be used for breeding purposes.


All adoptive homes are required to permit visits to the facility where the animal(s) are being kept and update us in the event of a move so that we can update our records. 



Step #2: Assessment and Approval!


Processing time often depends on accessibility of references. Applicants should notify references that they will be contacted. Applicants are notified of status via email or other designated means.


Once we have reviewed your application, we will schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our staff. At this meeting, we will learn more about your horsemanship plans and dreams and experience, and assess your comfort level with horses..


Step #3: Choose a Horse!


Available horses are listed on the website complete with detailed information, riding video(s) when possible, and a detailed description. We make every effort to represent our animals honestly, based on what we know of their past circumstances, what we observe, and what we are able to accomplish while they are in our care. Approved adopters can make an appointment to view horses or make a commitment based on the website information. 





* A note on adoption fees. Adoption fees average $500, ranging between $0-$2500 depending on the age and physical limitations of the horse(s). There are also various adoption promotions that we have that may decrease or waive adoptable horses. The horse’s adoption fee must be paid before the horse is moved. The fee may be paid by cash, check, or credit card. If the horse needs additional certificates for shipping, there will be a charge for those services.


Please keep in mind that our adoption fees don’t come close to covering all the costs of caring for the animals that come to us each year. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Step #4: Adoption!


Once you are successfully matched with a horse, we will prepare an adoption contract for your signature. Pay an adoption fee (fees vary according to the horse’s experience and level of training), and arrange transportation to take your new equine home.


Once you have taken your adopted horse home, we encourage you to call us with any questions you may have. We also invite all of our adoptive homes to participate in MHHR clinics, play days, and any other events or courses we offer. 


Our staff will follow up via phone and site visits to ensure adopted horses are well cared for and to support you and your new family member in your journey together.


We are available to provide assistance or give advice about any animal you adopt. 



Step #5: Updates!


Adopters are required by contract to send two written updates with clear photos during the first year at the 6th and 12th month from the date of the adoption and yearly for every year after the first. This helps Meadow Haven Horse Rescue monitor the horse’s condition and progress. You and your adopted animals may be posted on the Meadow Haven Success Stories page.

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