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We're Dedicated to Life After Rescue


Every day is similar and completely different at the same time. Things are always happening around here and we can always use extra hands around the rescue. Together we can build and improve the ranch and the lives of our rescues.

Should I Volunteer?

If you are content going home dirty, don't mind getting hot out in the Texas sun, and love all things horse, then volunteering may be right up your alley! We always appreciate our volunteers, we know that time is precious and we're thankful when you choose to share yours with these amazing creatures.  All experience levels are welcome!

Independent volunteers must be over the age of 18. Youth volunteers can be between the age of 13 and 17 but you absolutely must have a parent or guardian present during your visit. If you're interested in coming out as a group, with a club or organization, we are always happy to set up a team visit day. You'll need to reach out to Darla and she can let you know what our current volunteer schedule looks like.  

Volunteer Tasks


Barn Chores

With a herd the size of ours, barn tasks are never in short supply. We are always in need of reliable volunteers who can commit to coming out to help us with our day-to-day chores. From feeding and watering to cleaning stalls, we do it all. Grooming and handling the horses are the reward for this hardworking group of people that choose to regularly help MHHR. 


Horse Training

If you have experience with horses and are interested in training here at the ranch or fostering a horse in need of training, we are always happy to have your assistance. We have so many wonderful horses that are just full of untapped potential. You'll need to set up an appointment to meet us and we can further discuss if we'd be a good fit!


Administrative Tasks

Computer knowledge, writing skills and an eye for organization are always appreciated for these duties. Volunteers who choose to help in the office will tackle tasks such as filing, mailing, event preparation, and some computer work on occasion.


Bloggers & Grant Writers

For folks with a particular love of the written word or that are familiar with the ins and outs of grant writing, we would love to hear from you! The need to spread the word about MHHR and what we do is always needed and we always enjoy posting pieces submitted by our fans and volunteers for others to enjoy! Don't hesitate to reach out, we'd love to hear from you!


Facility Maintenance

If you're no stranger to ranch work, we can always use your help. Maintaining the ranch is a full-time job and we are always needing a variety of things tackled like fence repair, plumping projects,  building upkeep, pasture tending, and vehicle maintenance. It really is an on-going project here and we always greatly appreciate extra helping hands to tackle these projects!


Can't Make it Out?

If you'd still like to help but are unable to physically come out to the ranch, we are always happy to have people help spread the word and mission of MHHR. It is as simple as sharing a post on Facebook, or posting our information on local forums. Every little bit helps!


Ready to Become a Volunteer?

Step 1


Submit Your Application!

You can complete the application online or you can print and mail in the PDF version.


Step 2


Schedule an Interview!

After your application has been submitted a member of the MHHR staff will review it. Pending approval, we will reach out to set up a time for an interview and a tour of the ranch.

Step 3


Jump Right In!

After your interview and tour, we will let you know when the next orientation is, after you've been through orientation, you'll simply have to show up for your scheduled shift!

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