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Often MHHR works with law enforcement on cruelty and neglect cases. When this happens we normally receive multiple horses at one time that are in need of rehabilitation. If you have experience with horses that are in need of this special care, please consider signing up to foster these deserving animals.



MHHR is constantly getting in horses that are just full of potential and in need of capable handlers. If you have the experience, talent, and time to make a difference for a horse in need, consider training!



Sometimes horses just need a buddy. If you have a horse that is in need of a pasture mate or just have an extra spot in your heart, consider fostering one of MHHR's many wonderful horses (or donkeys!) They may not be sound to ride, but they make great yard art, and did we mention they also make great therapists, they're always happy to lend an ear.



There is nothing quite like the love of a senior horse. If you would like to open your home and heart to an animal that just needs a final place to really call home and to be appreciated, consider an older horse. These elderly horses will really touch your heart.

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